Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Numbers.. numbers...can you help us?

Hi Spinning Golders....

It has been a busy week for us since you all sat poised in front of your keyboards ready to submit your registration to the conference.

We have been matching payments to people....taking time out to cheer on the NZ Post Book Awards winners and finalists....many of whom will be presenting at the conference....and scratching our heads as to how we will be able to give everybody a chance to attend the intensive class of their choice.

By now you all should have received a confirmation email as we have received nearly everyone’s money in our account, which is good for us, as we have some bills to pay.....

If you have not received a confirmation email, can you reply to us as soon as possible...so we can check your email address with our records. We have come across some email address changes from the initial group of interested mailing list people compared to the email address entered on the registration form.

If you registered for the Mining The Gold Intensive class with Fleur Beale...we have been completely overwhelmed with numbers for this class.

Fleur is very gratified that you would all like to do this workshop with her. To accommodate everybody we would like to split the numbers of people who registered for this class in half.

Fleur is able, on Friday 18th September, to fit in a morning Mining The Gold intensive as well as the afternoon Mining The Gold slot.

We are incredibly grateful for Fleur’s generosity in this, as it enables everyone who has registered for this class a place.

Now what we need to do is find out from these lucky people who can come in the morning to do the class. Friday 18th September 10am-noon. Normal conference registration is at 2pm with the next Mining The Gold class starting at the programme time.

If you do the morning class you will have the afternoon to do the Digital Publishing workshop (which is free) or have the time off to do something else (explore Wellington perhaps) before meeting up with everyone for dinner.

Could all the people who registered for Mining the Gold please email us their preference at spinning.gold09@gmail.com
Subject: Mining the Gold (morning) or (afternoon ) class please.

We will cross reference it with our spreadsheets from Monday night. Fleur only wants 16 in the class so if we can’t get 16 people to commit to the morning option, we will have to close off numbers to the first 16 that registered on Monday night.

Eirylis’s Finish It class is fully subscribed.

Jo Randerson’s Unleashing Monsters workshop is oversubscribed and we are calculating numbers and trying to find ways around this also....

We understand that you are keen to find out which classes you have got into. Please bear with us as we try our best to give everybody what they want for their first choice.

Keep checking back here every week for news and updates.

keep warm,
The Spinning Gold Team.

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