Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Monster Leashed...

Hi Spinning Golders,

We have looked at many tricky ways to accomodate everyone who wanted to be in this workshop but as Jo Randerson is pressured for time (in the evenings she is appearing on stage,) we have made the decision that the first people to register for her class up to Jo's limit will be in the workshop. Everybody else will get their second choice.

This means that Gavin's monoprint workshop is now fully subscribed too.

For all other workshops during the rest of the conference everyone will get their first choice.

We know that there will be some disappointed people out there, we did try but in the end we had to make the hard decision.

However you can take heart in the fact that you have all got your first choice in the other workshops...(and there were some tricky moments there too...)

We are hoping to be able to give everyone at the conference, upon registration, their own personalised timetable...so hold those emails back about all the timetable queries please.

We have had some good replies on our textbook wants list...Thankyou for those.
If you have any suggestions or have no idea what I am referring to, please check your individual pages...Writers to the writers page in the sidebar...Illustrators to the illustrators page in the sidebar. You have untill the end of June to get in your picks.

If you are feeling cold and blue and you want to read about somewhere warm and feel green...Fifi has posted some lovely artwork on her blog from her recent holiday in Vanuatu, where she fled the monsters (southerlies of wellington and conference planning) and relaxed on the beach. I think that she should share the recipe of her favourite tropical cocktail with us at the conference...something to look forward to.

for The Spinning Gold Team.

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