Thursday, August 27, 2009

28 days to go and homework is being set

Hi Spinning Golders,

There are 28 days to go and some people are getting homework.

If you are in Mining The Gold -Writers Intensive Classes, you should have received an email from Fleur Beale with your homework instructions.

If you are in Finish It Intensive should be nearly ready to send your homework into Erylis. (a synopsis and two pages of writing by September 1st.)

If you have no idea and missed the emails and you are in a Writers Intensive class please contact us at

If you are in an Illustration Intensive Class.....rub your homework yet...but be prepared to work hard in your class when you get to the can relax on your super cool mystery trip....

Thankyou to all the Illustrators who have taken up our offer to have some of your work for sale at the conference. Remember to include some packaging so people can take the art home with them at the end of the conference.

Don't forget Business Cards....They are handy for sticking up next to art work with prices/sold on them, giving to agents and publishers, writing notes on to hand to for raffles...etc etc..

Start saving some ready money. to bring...It will help....after all the cocktail party is at The Children's Bookshop...we have two book launches....There will be some marvelous art work for sale by some amazing Illustrators and if you are wanting to Pitch...the cost is $10 (pay us at Registration to confirm.)

Don't forget to check back for updates on this blog and on the Individual Writers and Illustrators pages.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in 28 Days...some earlier as they arrive for events around Spinning Gold.

Kind regards

The Spinning Gold Team

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