Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The conference just keeps getting better and better....


During the Conference weekend we have two book launches.

Mandy Hager and Random House will be launching Mandy’s new book, ‘The Crossing’ on Friday night after Martin Baynton’s Keynote speech.

On Saturday night Fifi Colston and Scholastic will be launching ‘Glory’ at The Children’s Bookshop.


We are leaving Saturday night after dinner free for everyone to have a catch up... and browse The Showcase. This is a dedicated room which will be full of things to look at, collect, buy and order copies of.

If you are among theBold group who are interested in Swops Table...it will take place then. Swops Table info on the writers page....Illustrators, you too can join in on this one...go to the writers page to see what is involved.


If you were among the 46 people who indicated that you would like to pitch, this notice is for you.

Do you have something to pitch?
If you have changed your mind about pitching, and we hear some people have, can you let us know, so we can manage numbers.

If you still want to pitch, Please look at the list of publishers who are taking pitches.

Go to their websites and check out whether your story is right for them.

Contact us with your first and second choice publisher. Subject line: Pitching

This will help us to allocate numbers times etc...
Payment of $10 will still be on registration if you are taking up this offer....answers to these questions please by September 13th (the weekend before the conference.)

Email address for this is spinning.gold09@gmail.com

Finally we would like to say a huge Thank you to all of you who have responded to requests, answered questions or sent through information.

Your help is most definitely appreciated, and you are doing your part already to make Your conference the best it can be.

Kind regards,
The Spinning Gold Team


Adele said...

Hi Spinning Gold team ! Can I suggest you put a copy of the programme up on a separate page so a visitor here can go straight to it without hunting through the blog archives - maybe you have and I'm in too much of a hurry?

www.maureencrisp.blogspot.com said...

Hi Adele,
Thats a good idea, Thankyou.

Look for a link to the programme in the sidebar.

Spinning Gold Team