Monday, September 21, 2009

A fantastic weekend!

Wow - we're completely thrilled with how it all went, and we hope you are too. Now bring on the debriefing process ...!

Committee member Adele Jackson somehow managed to muster up some final reserves of energy last night to blog her thoughts on the conference.

Conference attendee Melinda Szymanik did likewise.

And we love this thought-provoking post about the conference from Derek Wenmoth, who was on Saturday's 'Educate the Future' panel.

More soon ...


Ceridwyn said...

I wanted to reiterate to everyone on the committee, especially the wonderful co-conveners how much this conference ROCKED.

Everyone was warm and welcoming, the panels and workshops were interesting, Kate de Goldi's keynote speech is still blowing my mind and the pitch slam was an experience and possibly three or four halves.

You did a marvelous job and thank you so much.

Johanna Knox said...

Thanks Ceridwyn - really glad you enjoyed it so much. It means a lot to the convenors and committee to get these comments! :)

Jillian Sullivan said...

Thanks to everyone on the committee - your background work during the event was awesome and unselfish, making sure that everything ran smoothly so the rest of us could get maximum benefit. Cheers to you all!

Anonymous said...

Agree - it was fantastic, great to have all those opportunities and come home so inspired. I really really appreciate all the hard work the committee put in to making this happen, Thanks so much!! It really did have a lovely informal atmosphere, but at the same time managed to be so brilliantly organised.

Re the Hospital Activity Book... I contributed to the last one and think it was a great concept that was so well received. I'm happy to be part of another one if it happens. I'd also be happy to help a bit on the organising side... there's a limit to what I can do from the backblocks of Opotiki but might be able to help out a bit with sponsorship and publicity or something? Anyway, anyone else who is going to get involved should this happen, keep me posted.

I've teamed up with Val Bird of Ozzie Kingsford fame (she lives not too far from me) and we're gearing up to storm the Eastern Bay of Plenty for NZ Book Month! Hopefully it will sell some books... we'll see but should be a bit of fun.

Oh, and for those of you who I didn't get to meet, you can check out what I do on
I heard several writers say they'd like to meet the illustrators and see what they do.
I wonder if different coloured nametags for illustrators vs authors might be an idea?
Not mentioned on it, my next book as author/illustrator is due out mid next year all going well and the third has received CNZ funding so fingers crossed it might see the light of day one day.

I'd love to hear from you!

Cheers! Nikki Slade Robinson :-)

Johanna Knox said...

Jillian - thanks for the kind comments. All committee members are reading them and appreciating them.

Nikki- congrats on the book and funding!! It was really nice to meet you after hearing your name mentioned so often (in a good way!) by Walter when he worked at Huia.(Also - like the different coloured namtags idea ...)

Anonymous said...

when could we see all the photos? ;)

Melinda Szymanik said...

Ooo, yes photos. And like a dating agency that publicises any resulting unions, is there any chance you will let us know if any contracts are signed as a result of the pitching?

And Jillian definitely had it right. You provided such a fascinating programme of speakers and then unselfishly focused on making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nikki Slade Robinson said...

Fifi - thanks for posting those photos! Nice memories. Keen to see more that anyone else not taking my camera.
Cheers! Nikki :)