Saturday, September 26, 2009

Virtually Visiting - for authors and illustrators

A message from Spinning Gold committee member Adele Jackson:

Those of us who attended the Educational Publishers Panel discussion at Spinning Gold heard from Derek Wenmoth that there are schools out there who would love to Skype an author or an illustrator.

There's a brilliant website set up in the US that does just this. Have a good look at it here:

If you would like to talk to schools in classrooms and libraries virtually on the Skype network (free from your own computer and in the comfort of your own studio or study) why don't you add your name here and we can begin a list of authors and illustrators who can virtually visit.

We could look at a similar fee structure as they have. (Meet the author 10 -15 mins free, or in-depth visits for a time and fee determined by each author.)

Derek has offered to work with us and look at how we can create a point of contact for schools and link them with the authors/illustrators they want to talk with.

So what do you think - shall we increase our reach ? Who's keen?

Add your name in the comments below if you're interested, or email adele at adelejackson dot com ...


Nikki Slade Robinson said...

Hi Adele. Good thinking. We're not set up to skype up here - and I'm often out and about anyway during the school day - but if you/Derek wanted to compile a second list of less techo contacts I am happy to answer email questions from kids (within reason!). Is that any use??
Cheers! Nikki :)

PS Fifi's promosexual urges got me thinking - up here we can get one-off images printed onto Tshirts for $20... like book covers... very promosexual!

Melinda Szymanik said...

Sounds nerve-wracking but I would be interested in giving it a whirl, especially to reach schools outside my home area.

Melinda Szymanik

fific said...

I'd be keen!

Helen Lowe said...

I would also be keen--it sounds like a great idea. Thank you for putting it out there. HelenL

PS Note to self: get skype!

Susan Brocker said...

I too would be keen, sounds like a wonderful idea Thanks (same note to myself to get Skype!)

Sarah Davis said...

Hi all! I'm in Sydney atm, but all set up with Skype, and would love to join in! Sounds like a great idea.