Saturday, September 12, 2009

Which writers are attending Spinning Gold?

Thanks to all the writers who have sent in their websites and blogs. Here's the list of writing attendees who are online:

Lorraine Orman - author, reviewer and librarian

Maria Gill - author of picture books, non-fiction books, readers, and more

Candice Paewai Reading - author and publisher

Vicki Simpson - whose Yo, Shark Bait won the 2006 Tom Fitzgibbon award

Susan Brocker - prolific author!

Tania Hutley - whose first children's book, Tough Enough, was published by Scholastic this year

Melinda Szymanik - entertaining blogger and author of 5 books including The Were-Nana

Barbara Murison - librarian, manuscript assessor, reviewer, and editor of Around the Bookshops.

If you have a blog or website, and haven't sent it to us - please do.

Next we'll try to gather up the websites of the Spinning Gold committee members, and post those. We'll also add links to the NZ book council pages for those conference attendees that have them, but not their own websites.

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